Unlucky or Cursed? Oklahoma City businessman reflects on 52 years in business and surviving 6 tornadoes

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OKLAHOMA CITY — A windowless, soundproof room is where Larry Benson makes his living.

As founder and owner of Benson Sound, he’s more than 50 years into recording music, writing arrangements, and one more unlikely task, monitoring the weather.

“We do watch the weather,” he strongly agrees.

Taking a drive with Larry is like touring the twister history of the Oklahoma City metro.

Our first stop is at his original business near Capitol Hill where a storm lifted the roof off his building in 1990.

“Yes,” he points. “It was in the parking lot.”

Move from there over to this location off I-240, where he set up his second location only to see it damaged on May 3, 1999, hit again in 2004, 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2013 before he got the message and moved a little further east to his present location.

“Three tornadoes within two years,” Larry recalls. “I think God was trying to tell us to move from there.”

We actually shot a story with Larry back in 2012 about getting hit five times.

“And now I know it can happen again and again,” he said in 2012.

The damage was on full display.

The roof, once again, came to rest in the parking lot.

The business suffered no loss of life but there was still plenty to tell the insurance adjusters.

Benson ruminates, “I really thought I had paid my dues when I got hit the first time.”

He’s five years out from the last storm and still going.

Benson can still contemplate the irony in a song like ‘You Can’t Stay Here’, but Benson Sound is more like that freight train everyone describes when they hear a tornado coming.

It’s still loud and roaring right along.

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