Update: This Oklahoma treasure hunter is a little closer to claiming more than $10 million for a bank bond stolen by ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Found money, or the equivalent of found money.

That’s what Matt Treaster plucked from a burn pile at a Del City house he was helping to clean out.

“I plucked it right from the top of the bonfire,” he recalls, “seconds before they lit it up.”

So he started doing research on what turned out to be a bond from the Konawa State Bank in the early 1930s, the same one gangster Pretty Boy Floyd robbed in November of 1931, taking cash and un-named paper documents.

Treaster argues, “That’s the only way this document could have escaped the bank.”

We first brought you Matt’s story last year, and we told you about Matt’s working hypothesis that Floyd’s gang took this bond in the robbery and gave it to a man who still owed the balance of the bond.

Matt says Pretty Boy made sure, “They were released from the debt.”

The bank was absorbed by Chase Bank years later.

Matt showed up with this old document that, he claims, is as good as cash.

“The physical representation of it is right here,” he claims. “This was literally worth $2,200 in 1922.”

With annual compounding interest his claim amounts to $10,287,943.

That’s how we left Matt in late 2019.

Since then Matt talked to a lawyer who knows more about this stuff.

He basically told Matt he wasn’t crazy and that, maybe, just maybe, he has a case that might be worth at least a settlement.

Matt relates, “He told me this is going to be a once in a lifetime case. Nobody has ever presented a case like this before.”

Matt admits he still has an uphill battle getting Chase to buy back their bond.

But he’s more hopeful every day and, regardless of the outcome, he does have a great story for document collectors who might covet a piece of Oklahoma outlaw history.

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