OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Long hours, heavy loads, hard work.

The UPS logistics company gets three Guesses for the holidays at their very busy local hub.

Richie Guess started working here right out of high school in 1983.

“Yeah, My dad always told me to get a good job and keep my butt on it,” he says while driving a two trailer rig. “I always liked to drive.”

His daughter, Tiffany Guess joined the firm while she was in college to take advantage of a tuition reimbursement program.

She graduated with a degree in Human Services but found a career driving trucks.

“I was used to working manually anyway,” she relates. “So I just started driving and it all panned out.”

Brother Cory Guess is a UPS driver too, often picking up the back trailer from his dad’s double and parking it right at the loading dock.

“It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it,” he smiles.

All three of them profess a love of driving.

“My kids all like to drive,” says Richie. “You never know what you’re going to be when you get grown.”

This time of year, this hub alone might have 400,000 packages of mail coming in and going back out.

Richie, Tiffany, and Cory are part of an army whose mission is to get those parcels the last mile, sometimes right to the tree.

“A lot of them are like your family,” Richie insists. “When you’re delivering packages, you get to know them. Parents, grandparents, kids as they grow up.”

They’re pretty good at it too.

Each summer all three of them compete in the annual Oklahoma Truck Driving Championships.

Richie has four trophies to his name.

Last year Tiffany took 1st place in the Step Van division.

Cory was runner-up.

He jokes his final position was on purpose.

“Are we going to tell them how I let you win,” he whispers to Tiffany?

It’s rare this time of year that the three of them find themselves sitting outside the driver’s seat.

We make sure they get a small break to watch the news.

Then Cory has to hurry off to work the night shift.

“For sure,” he states from behind the wheel of his own big truck. “I’m trying to put everything in the right place as safely as I can.”

Holiday wishes drive the hectic schedule at every company like UPS in December.

But three ‘Guesses’ wearing brown make it happen here, each one with the correct answer we’re all looking for, a package delivered on time.

For more information about UPS and stories from their employees, go to their website.