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MARIETTA, OKLAHOMA — Is there a more iconic image than a farmer and her tractor heading out for an afternoon of pulling or plowing…or whatever 5 year olds do with a battery-powered John Deere?

In this case Maizi Jake Willis really does use her tractor for a type of work.

On this particular afternoon she’s on her way to pick up a ‘boyfriend’ or, better yet, her friend named ‘Boy’.

Now Maizi is one of those ranch girls who is always busy, always running from job to job.

Just pinning her down for a short interview is a difficult prospect.

But when it comes to the miniature Hereford steer she named Boy the world stops.

Maizi says, “He’s more like a dog, and me, and like everybody.”

Both are experienced in the show ring at a young age.

“We’re kind of pals,” she continues.

Maizi helped halter break him using an unusual method, leading Boy behind that little John Deere tractor she got last Christmas.

“We just started to get him on the tractor,” she says.

The training appears to have paid off, at least until Boy finds a good patch of green grass.

“They really hit it off,” says Maizi’s mom Wilma Willis.

Girl, tractor, and steer also developed a unique relationship, something mom couldn’t quantify until she shot some video of them with her cell phone.

She posted the clip to her Facebook page and it blew up with 5 million hits and counting.

“I was in shock,” she says. “I was really surprised that in 18 hours we had responses, literally, from around the world.”

Too young for a boy friend, but just old enough for a friend named Boy, and the kind of friendship that resonates far beyond the green pastures of Love County.

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