West Trail Boulders: Oklahoma City artist places his own ‘Glacial Erratics’

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Generations from now, someone walking along the West River Trail might wonder how these structures got here.

“They’re playing with the landscape,” says artist Klint Schor.

There is a line of five huge, steel boulders,  perched at different angles, and placed there, not by receding glaciers, but by this Oklahoma artist.

He says, “They’re supposed to look out-of-place or alien in a way, yet because they’re boulders they’re also in place.”

Klint Schor calls his installations ‘Glacial Erratics’ inspired by the big rocks picked up by the ice sheets of a cooler age.

Klint wanted to play with the landscape a bit, make people slow down, and engage with what he put there.

“In a sense, that’s part of the composition. Each boulder kind of holds its own space, but at the same time, it leads you to the next one when you see it off in the distance.”

The erratic nature of Oklahoma weather played a role here too.

An unusually wet spring left this field underwater.

Klint had to design new footings then let the ground dry out before he could start work.

“It was a good month and a half,” he says. “Just waiting for the water table to go back down.”

For weeks, the boulders sat in his Oklahoma City driveway, waiting.

His ideas had to wait too.

These erratics were erratically frozen by liquid water.

Schor says, “I’m really enjoying seeing them finally installed.”

The last boulder is going into place one weld at a time.

Klint and his team have seen lots of people slow down already, wondering if these are dark jewels or giant potatoes, but happy to see something besides storm debris and floods.

“I’m happy to have people come out to celebrate them,” he says.

You can find Klint Schor’s ‘Glacial Erratics’ at the Crystal Lake Park just off S.W. 15th and MacArthur.

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