ARCADIA, Okla. (KFOR) — Route 66 traffic always hums along through Arcadia.

But on the second Sunday of every month, and lots of other days too, the warm, south wind brings music to the old Round Barn, courtesy of the Round Barn Ramblers.

“It’s got good ambiance,” says singer and guitar picker Joe Baxter.

He’s formed or played in several other local bands but Joe argues no other fits this spot like the Ramblers who include Curt Morris on mandolin and Richard Tellwitz on fiddle (plus a music chairs group of other players).

They all started jamming here more than a decade ago raising money to move an unsightly billboard across the highway.

“They were talking, at the time, how nice it would be to have music at the barn all the time so we’ve been doing this ever since,” he says.

Baxter and others have heard stories about another generation of musicians who begged ‘Big Bill’ Odor to put oak floors in his new round barn back in 1898.

“The acoustics in the loft are amazing,” says Joe. “We just sit in the middle and play.”

The Round Barn Rendezvous takes place under a lovely elm tree during summer months.

All kinds of people show up to join in.

The Ramblers themselves play on Saturdays.

“The bad thing,” smiles Baxter, “is that people in Oklahoma City think Arcadia is too far away.”

Google maps says it is around 30 miles from OKC.

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Joe or someone is up here on this little hill two or three times a week strumming or adding songs to what they call ‘barn music’.

“It’s a sub-genre of what we call Okie Noir,” he says. “That’s the way we have it figured.”

Free admission, free concerts, the barn and its tunes are still alive on this little curve of The Mother Road.

The Round Barn Ramblers music travels, but the members don’t ever stray too far from home.

For more information about music at the Arcadia Round Barn Visit the Facebook page.

For more information about the Rambles you can also visit their Facebook page.

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