When agents made their arrest they noticed an old, green trunk that contained a mystery they had to solve

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- It looked out of place.

When Oklahoma Agriculture Department Special Agents Jerry Flowers and Eddie Davenport arrested two men in a stolen trailer this summer this old, green trunk got their attention right away.

"It stood out to both of us," says Flowers in a small ceremony at Department of Ag headquarters. "And we knew it had to be stolen."

Inside were old pictures, ledgers, papers, some old silver, a music box and other items.

They weren't really treasures to anyone except Jean Ann Jones and her little sister Julia Waltam.

Jones says, "There's a lot of emotions that are flooding back in reference to all this but it's all good."

Agent Flowers spent weeks taking inventory and looking for clues as to whom all this might belong.

The trail led to Ray Jarrell, Jean, and Julie.

"It gives me tremendous pleasure," says Flowers, "to reunite you and your family with this old trunk."

They were just little girls when their biological father Ray Rich died.

This was his family's history; wartime medals, an artillery shell, even a sea shell.

Their mother put it here with the idea of sharing it later, but life intervened.

The girls' mother re-married.

Their stepfather Ray kept it in another building on his ranch.

He never knew about the break-in until Agent Flowers followed a lead and found him.

Flowers says, "We'll take luck all day long and call it skill. But we'll take luck all day long and that's what this was, luck."

An old, green trunk, yes.

A lost link to a side of the family they never really knew, also yes, as well as a detective story with a very happy ending.

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