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DEER CREEK, Okla. (KFOR) – He walks out of the shimmering, summer heat like a mirage, a man in a 78-pound, Anime style bear suit of his own design, accompanied by a Native American guide he picked up in New Mexico.

Speaking of their journey, he says, “It gets people questioning like, ‘OK, um’…”

The guy in the suit is Jesse Larios, but while he’s in costume he is Bearsun, a creature on a 2,700-mile quest to raise money for 6 different charities, and to make a unique kind of artistic statement.

He explains the idea, “I was like, ‘hey. why don’t I live as a real character and do these extreme things just like we see in cartoons.”

We managed to stop Bearsun and Askia Trujillo just west of Deer Creek on Highway 11.

The temperature, at the time, was 96 degrees.

“No one looks more lost than a guy in a bear suit on an Oklahoma highway,” remarks an onlooker.

“I noticed that,” replies Bearsun. “Even for people out here. They’re like, ‘I’ve never seen anything like this’.”

He started walking on July 5th.

Ashkia joined the quest on Bearsun’s way through New Mexico.

“I thought it was a challenge,” he says.

They’re averaging about 28 miles per day.

Double and triple takers along this route often stop to take pictures and offer water or food.

His onlooker observes, “At least you’re not scary looking.”

Bearsun laughs and replies, “I am at night though. You’re walking down these lonely roads and it’s like, ‘what did I just see’.”

Dave Beesing of nearby Blackwell, OK saw them both several times and took it as a sign that he needed to offer his place for the night.

“We’ll be more than happy to have them,” he smiles.

Other people who stop just want to make sure they’re seeing what they thought they saw.

Ask Bearsun when he hopes to reach Times Square in New York and his ‘bear math’ figures that’ll be some time in November.

Meanwhile he just keeps ambling along, chewing up miles, making friends, and answering questions from the inside of a funny looking suit.

He remarks, “The folks along here, they’re very nice.”

At the time of this writing Bearsun and his walking partner are somewhere east of Ponca City heading east into Osage County.

He has amassed close to 150,000 followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.