Working from the shape of ideas: This Stillwater sculptor works outside the box of figurative art

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STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR) – The setting for making his art doesn’t mean a thing to Morgan Robinson.

“The core part is curiosity,” he states.

The back-alley surroundings, the straight brick and mortar of downtown Stillwater just block the wind and provide the space he needs to bring to life the things he really sees.

“Patterns, colors, oil stains on the ground, or clouds in the air, or tree bark.”

With a piece this big, nearly 10 feet tall, it’s hard to believe Robinson got into sculpture through making jewelry.

Morgan recalls, “Bringing in sheet metal to a jewelry class. They said, ‘whoa. what are you doing with sheet metal?’ I said, ‘well I’m going to make wall jewelry’.”

His wise counselors at the University of Central Oklahoma guided his interests to a larger scale, and larger still.

For someone who always saw his world through the prism of reflected light, and the natural curves of nature, having a recognizable object as inspiration was never a requirement to get started.

He says, “I never was the person drawing human forms and interested in realism. I was about what, purely, could be.”

He does bring his artistic forms to function.

Morgan spent several years in Japan with a custom cabinet make4r learning how to work his ideas into modern furniture design, spherical tables, and free-form chairs.

Furniture offered an answer to the question of ‘what do you do with it?’

His latest piece is inspired by the protective embrace of a mother to her small child.

“I call this piece ‘Nestle’ for that moment you see of protection, that close to home component of a family.”

The idea exists without the human figures.

Making forms and giving them function, thinking outside the box until the box itself is completely gone.

For more information on the art and design of Morgan Robinson, visit his website.

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