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HOUSTON, TX — The most wonderful time of the year sometimes comes along with “Grinch” stories – and this one comes from the Houston, Texas area.

A family was expecting a few packages this week as Christmas shopping winds to a close before next Tuesday. This particular homeowner had a camera installed above his front porch, connected to a DVR to record traffic into and out of his home.

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When a FedEx driver left a package Wednesday morning – and then later on that day a UPS driver left another package, you’d expect two boxes to be sitting on the porch, right? When this homeowner only discovered one package on his porch that evening, he brought up his camera to see why FedEx’s tracking information indicated the package was delivered – but was nowhere to be found.

His camera showed something quite awry – the UPS driver from that day did indeed deliver the package he was supposed to. But then, a few minutes later, that same driver was captured on video returning to the porch and taking the FedEx box with him. The box contained one of the hotter gifts this season – an Apple iPad mini.

So, the homeowner contacted UPS and, after feeling he was getting the runaround, posted the video footage on YouTube for a global audience. Before he knew it, UPS was contacting him to “fix” the problem – which included firing their driver in addition to having him arrested for theft.