An Oklahoma woman made it her mission to help those who often times feel helpless. Spring Culp started a group called “Journey through Recovery” after her own experiences with homelessness and addiction.      

“I was three years into my recovery at that time,” said Culp. “I just felt really strongly that this is something I’m supposed to do with my life.”

You could see her mission stacked onto of a folding table outside the Shawnee Library Saturday morning, in the form of food bags. They were filled with food, water, snacks and many other essentials.

“A toiletries bag, toothpaste, deodorant, those kinds of things,” said Culp.

Once a month the organization will hold service days in communities across Oklahoma to provide needed supplies to people living on the streets or living with addiction.

Seeing another need, Culp expanded the service days to offer more than a meal.

“We wanted to love on them a little bit so we’ve set up stations where they can get their hair washed and we do mini mani-pedis,” said Culp. “We have these buckets to wash their feet and clip their toenails and do all the things.”

“Last week I cut so much hair I lost count,” said Culp. “You could just see it in their faces. One gentleman I cut off three inches of his hair and he just shook his head. He felt so good.”

One woman who took part in Saturday’s service day was overwhelmed by the generosity.

“It’s warmed my heart,” said the woman. “It’s given me hope. We’re going to be ok.”

Journey through Recovery was officially named a non-profit Friday. The organization has plans to expand and open a center where it can help more people struggling with trauma.