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OKLAHOMA CITY-  With all the buzz and different people weighing in on how State Question 788 should be implemented, News 4 went to the two Republican candidates running for governor to get their take on how to they would roll out legislation for medical marijuana.

“Well, nobody is against medical marijuana. I’ve traveled across all 77 counties, if it’s going to help a patient, most Oklahomans are for that,” said Tulsa businessman Kevin Stitt.

Stitt says he is also not afraid to look across state lines for help on how to implement medical marijuana legislation.

“Looking at other states and how they implement the medical marijuana piece is the right way to do it. Calling a special session so we can actually get our own elected officials in to determine how to roll that bill out is something we should consider,” he said.

Although Stitt didn’t say whether or not he voted for State Question 788 in June, former Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett says he did not vote for 788.

“I just felt like it was too loosely written and we could probably do a better job with something with more accountability in it. I don’t want keep anybody from getting the help they need, the medical help, but I just felt that we could create a better law than what 788 was trying to create,” Cornett told News 4.  “It wasn’t well-written but we have to do a better job of implementing what the intent of the law was.”

Both candidates agree that 788 needs to be rolled out closer to the spirit of the bill, but what about a step further?

“I am not for recreational marijuana. I think it would be a step in the wrong direction for us, but I do think there will be a state-wide vote and if it passes, I will do my best to implement it,” said Cornett.

“Recreational, I’m not for it. I think it puts our state in too many unintended consequences,” said Stitt.

“When you are an effective leader you are always looking around the corner for what’s gonna be down the line and I’m continuing to learn and look at other states that have been down this road ahead of us,” said Cornett.