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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Lucky’s Liquor store owner is still recovering after police shot him while responding to a robbery.

Police say they drove up to the business on SW 44th and May just before 9:00 Monday night. That’s when they saw a man shooting at a moving truck. Offcers fired and hit that shooter. However, they later learned that he was the store owner, Brett Cude, and that Cude was shooting at the men he says robbed him.

Lucky’s Liquor was closed Tuesday. No surprise less than a day after the shooting.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that. It’s first time i’ve seen a shooting, heard it. It was scary,” said Dalia Perez.

Perez works next door. She says bullets were blasting, and she feared for her life.

“Not only for my life, but my coworkers and customers,” said Perez. “That’s why I told them to get in the back room.”

When they came out, they saw the store owner laying in blood. Turns out, police say two men held up his store, 32-year-old Tucson Redd, Jr. and 17-year-old Broderick Ransom. Police later found them down the street, both suffering from gunshot wounds.

The store owner shot back. However, when police arrived, they say the owner continued shooting so they shot him not knowing he was a victim.

Retired police officer, Tim Nelson says he can relate.

“As police officers responding to the call arrive, they can’t look in the crowd and see you know a big neon sign above somebody’s head saying good guy and another one over the bad guy’s saying bad guy. So, it becomes very critical that you don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk,” said Nelson.

Nelson now teaches gun classes and says he would not advise his students to chase an attacker once they leave.

“If you’re standing outside the door with a gun in your hand, you could be perceived as a potential threat,” said Nelson.

“It’s really scary for me to think about that,” said Perez.

A life threatening mix up. that Perez saw first hand and never wants to see again. Cude is in stable condition. No word on the condition of the men police believe robbed the liquor store.

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