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NORMAN, Okla. — Originally, the Norman Music Alliance and City of Norman said weapons would not be allowed at this year’s Norman Music Festival, but the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association put up a fight and a judge ruled in its favor.

Now, gun owners have been able to enjoy the event with weapons in tow, and for the most part, the guns have gone unnoticed.

“I don’t feel scared or anything like that. I just, I did not know,” Jose Hernandez, an Oklahoma City musician said.

When we told folks licensed carriers were allowed to bring their guns to the festival, we got mixed opinions.

“I got a concealed carry permit myself, but I don’t think they ought to do it when they are serving liquor, and it ought to be the right of any festival, or any city, or any entity to say no,” Tom Weichbrodt said,

“Well it doesn’t bother me, I’m fine with it. When the shooting was in that movie theater if someone had been in there with a gun, then they maybe could have protected the people that were killed,” Tammy Street said.

“I think as long as they are carrying a weapon responsibly, then I think that’s okay,”

Organizers say they were originally against letting attendees bring guns to the event for safety reasons, but say the decision to allow them to has not affected the turnout.

Saturday is the last day of the Norman Music Festival.

The event will wrap up around 2 a.m.

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