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OKLAHOMA CITY – The owner of the Europe Oklahoma Store, a small novelty convenience store, says he caught a customer stealing an entire six-pound ham by sticking it down her skirt.

Alex Kotlovenko says they noticed some items missing on Sunday, and when the checked the security cameras he couldn’t believe what he saw.

“It’s magic, it is literally magic,” Kotlovenko told News 4. “We never witnessed it happening, so it’s really hard to track someone down and stop them at the door.”

In the video, you can see the woman, and two other men, looking at the cooler.

She pulls out a ham, looks around, then put the entire ham into her skirt.

Alex says she did the same thing with several packages of bacon.

“It was a surprise moment more than anything. That you can walk out of a store, that’s 1000 square feet,” Alex said. With seven or eight pounds of stuff in your skirt.”

After getting a good look at the thief in the video, Alex says he’s pretty sure he’s seen them in the store before.

“I feel like I’ve seen them specifically around. One of the cameras caught the front of the SUV,” Alex said. “I feel like I’ve seen them in the parking lot in passing.”

To keep this thing from happening again Alex says he plans to put up a sign banning baggy clothes, but a lawyer says he has to be careful – only refusing service strictly on clothing and not by race, color, creed, or religion.

“As long as the denial of service is uniformly applied, and not based on one of those prohibited categories or protected categories,” Attorney Casey Davis said. Then a business owner is within his rights to set certain standards.”

Davis says fortunately for the European Store Oklahoma “Hamburglars are not a protected class.”