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COMANCHE, Okla. – A Comanche man is charged in an unusual case of animal cruelty.

Someone said they saw the man pressure washing dogs and called police.

Officers tried to get the man to stop and turn off the water, but he allegedly kept going, so police took him to jail.

A 911 caller said something just wasn’t right.

An officer said the two dogs were soaking wet and terrified, as Patrick Schultz allegedly sprayed them down with an industrial pressure washer.

“I mean, he could have killed the dog,” said resident Ken Surratt.

Police said one Chihuahua and a mix breed puppy were in a cage in the back of Schultz’s truck.

According to court records, police ordered the man to stop spraying them, but he allegedly kept going, holding the nozzle just a foot away from the dogs.

“I can see where it would have led to injury to the animals,” said Gary Chambers.

A sign is posted at the car wash, warning people of hot water and high pressure, only meant for vehicles.

“They’re dangerous, even to cars. You can pull paint off a car with them, so you can darn sure hurt an animal,” Chambers said.

Schultz has already bonded out of jail, so we stopped by his house.

He wasn’t home.

Police said Schultz told them his dogs needed a bath and he was from California and didn’t know any better.

But, court records show he’s spent at least the last two years in Oklahoma racking up charges, including aggravated assault and battery and attempted burglary.

The dogs are expected to be okay.

Police took them to a local animal hospital, but it was closed Thursday.