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OKLAHOMA CITY – Those on a flight from Dallas to Oklahoma City Monday night experienced some turbulence in the atmosphere – not turbulence caused outside the plane, this turbulence was inside.

“Apparently during landing, he was screaming, ‘We’re all gonna die, we’re all gonna die!’ and he said, ‘Hey kids, we’re all gonna die!’,” one Southwest Airlines employee could be heard saying in the body camera video released by Oklahoma City police.

The alleged troublesome passenger: 50-year-old Timothy Norton.

According to a police report, the plane’s captain was “very upset at [Norton’s] behavior” because there were “so many children of all ages on this flight.”

“I was two rows in front of him and I turned around and I said, ‘You need to stop. There’s kids on this plane, you need to shut up,'” said another witness.

That witness says Norton did not handle her advice well and began cursing at her.

But, she told police she felt like they just had to say something.

“Even the back row they were like, ‘Thank you so much. We were scared to death because the landing gear had just dropped,'” the witness said.

According to police, Norton had a “very strong odor” of alcohol coming from him and his speech was slurred.

According to the arrest report, the captain was “adamant that he wanted to file charges for the disorderly conduct and intimidating the passengers.”

As other passengers got off the plane and headed home or their next destination, Norton’s trip was diverted to the Oklahoma County Jail.

Norton faces charges of an act of terrorism, disorderly conduct and drunkenness.

Southwest Airlines released the following statement to News 4:

“At Southwest, the safety of our customers and employees is always our uncompromising priority. For further comment on this particular event, we kindly ask that you contact local law enforcement.”

News 4 reached out to Norton for a comment but have not heard back.