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OKLAHOMA CITY – Meet Aaron Durden Adair.

Aaron is a cancer survivor who works full-time at a metro Pizza Hut and volunteers at the Stephenson Cancer Center.

Aaron was diagnosed with cancer at 14, right in the midst of his baseball career.

He beat it though, moving on to play college ball at OU.

During his college career Aaron got sick again, this time having problems in his stomach.

“My future playing ball was no good because of my health, so I started helping people,” Adair said.

Ever since then, Aaron has been on a mission, reaching out to anyone and everyone at the Stephenson Cancer Center and through Facebook.

“I free all your fears, I play all day and cancer is the greatest experience of my life,” Adair said.

His upbeat mood is infectious, radiating a sense of hope to everyone he meets.

After two years of volunteering, Aaron found out he has a tumor in his brain.

In just days he will undergo surgery to hopefully win the battle once again.

His volunteer coordinator, Deb Olson, said Aaron is an inspiration to so many people.

“He’s just, has a fountain of joy inside of him that spills over in everything he does and says,” Olson said

“I’ve learned to laugh at the pain, I laugh all the time,” Adair said. “People say, ‘Why are you laughing for? Why are you giggling?’ Because I love life.”

Aaron said he has no fears about his surgery and calls this the next chapter in his life.

After he scheduled his surgery, Aaron sent out invitations for a surgery party, which Pizza Hut will cater.

This is happening Friday, the day his tumor is being removed.

If you would like to help, you can donate to Aaron’s surgery fund at