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LINCOLN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – While several counties with COVID-19 patients have businesses that have shut down, several other Oklahoma counties are still running business as usual.

“You never know,” a Wellston resident said. “It takes just one person.”

For people living in Lincoln County, they are in the clear, for now.

The people there are a looming target as all the counties around it have positive COVID-19 cases.

“Within a day or two it will come here,” a Wellston resident said.

Business in Wellston isn’t changing much, but for other Oklahomans, life is grinding to a halt.

Governor Kevin Stitt’s executive order kicked in Wednesday night, originally closing nonessential businesses in 19 counties when he announced the plan Tuesday.

But by Wednesday morning, new cases were confirmed, causing an additional 9 counties to close salons, barber shops and spas.

“We are self employed and if we don’t work, we don’t make money,” Crystal Ludwig said.

Another border county in the same boat as Lincoln is Kingfisher.

Studio 201 is still open. Crystal Ludwig is still taking customers with caution, worried the virus may have already made its way inside.

“I feel for everyone in this same position,” Ludwig said.

“My day started out at 7:30 a.m. and I will end at 11:30 p.m.,” Laura Hickenboth said.

But for some in Oklahoma County, where the most cases have been confirmed, Laura Hickenboth says it’s been a 16-hour workday.

Edmond’s Premier Beauty Barber shut down Wednesday night.

“Whatever I am able to do to extend to the girls, we are going to take care of them,” Hickenboth said.

She is fitting in last minute clients before packing up, not knowing how soon she will see them again.

“Until we actually see what happens, it’s scary,” Hickenboth said. “One day at a time.”

The Oklahoma State Department of Health tells News 4 the positive cases they are releasing trace back to the patient’s home address, even if they went to a hospital in a different county.