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COYLE, Okla. (KFOR) – Coyle Public Schools are moving to virtual learning after its superintendent tested positive for COVID-19.

“He has a cough. He’s running a fever. He feels really bad that he had to be the first,” said Shane Weathers, Coyle High School Principal.

Weathers says Superintendent Terry Zink called him Wednesday morning after testing positive for COVID-19.

Students have only been back in school for a little over a week, but Weathers says Zink has made his rounds.

“He’s tried to meet all the students,” said Weathers.

According to a letter sent home to parents, Zink had been in every classroom.

Students were sent home before the end of the school day Wednesday.

“I’m more frustrated than anything,” said Coyle parent, Brianna Dufrain.

Dufrain says she got the news Wednesday and scrambled to make plans for her daughter, with no laptop, no tablet and no WiFi.

“I don’t even know how we’re gonna do it. There’s really no way for a lot of parents to do it at all,” she said.

Other parents across the state are also changing their plans.

In Moore, another student tested positive for the virus less than a week after a Westmoore High School student knowingly came to school with the virus.

In El Reno, an employee tested positive, causing the Lincoln Learning Center to close.

Coyle will return to in-person classes August 31.

“If we feel that it’s not safe by Aug. 31, we could extend it,” said Weathers.

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