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GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – The Guthrie Public Schools district said masks are no longer mandatory inside school buildings as long as there is room for social distancing. 

“I think it was a joke from the get-go,” said Jake Hughes a junior at Guthrie High School.

“The disease is still floating around and all that good stuff,” resident Bob Blair told News 4. “Not everybody is vaccinated.”

In a statement, Simpson pointed to low infection numbers. 

“With a majority of our staff receiving the vaccination and the low infection numbers for Logan County, it is a sign that we hopefully have the worst of this pandemic behind us,” he said.

“I think it’s overblown. [I] don’t think it’s necessary,” said Lyndon Sutton. 

District officials said things like assigned seating, ramped up cleaning, and daily temperature checks will remain in place. 

The district also stressed masks are strongly recommended when social distancing isn’t possible.

Guthrie Public Schools said if a person has been exposed to COVID, stays symptom free, and has fully vaccinated for ten days they do not have to quarantine.

“I think it needs to be done, it’s long overdue,” said Ritha Swan. “Give them something to do. Get them with their friends. Get them off of the screen time. Little less screen time little more active time.”

The Oklahoma Education Association told News 4, it’s too soon to get rid of masks.

“Mask Wearing is the key to continue to not spread the coronavirus,” said OEA President Alicia Priest. “The reality is we are getting vaccinated and it takes some time to make sure the antibodies are fully formed. We should stick to what the health care professional say.”

Guthrie Public Schools warned if there’s an uptick in COVID-19 vases the mask mandate could come back.

“I won’t wear one. I mean I feel like that’s the way they’re going to try to control us,” Said Hughes. “So that’s just not something for me.”

School visitors are still required to wear masks inside of buildings. 

Students who ride busses must wear a mask and not a face shield.