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EL RENO, Okla. (KFOR) – An El Reno city councilman is accused of driving a golf cart while under the influence.

On Sunday, 40-year-old Justin T. Chronister, of El Reno, was pulled over driving a golf cart in town.

In the body camera video released by the police department, Chronister makes an admission.

“Four beers and then they made me take like two shots and then I was like, ‘I’ve got to go home,'” said Chronister.

In the video, officers found nine cans of beer in the golf cart and two of them were empty.

Chronister was given a field sobriety test before he was placed in handcuffs and put in the back of a patrol car.

“I’ve been a civil servant for nine years,” he said.

Once at the police department, he asked about getting a phone call.

“You’re damn right I will. I’ve had one too many shots and I’m going four blocks and I’ve served this community for [expletive] eight years. You’re damn right I get a phone call.”

Chronister was booked into the Canadian County Jail. He was arrested on a number of charges, including driving under the influence.