Dairy Queen offers unique exercise option for employees

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EDINA, MN — Heather Peters and Craig Bader focus on their work in a sunlit office at Dairy Queen’s corporate headquarters in Edina. As their computer keyboards are clicking, their feet are walking on LifeSpan treadmills, one of several products on the market aimed at a growing market, office workers.

“A lot of people have been hearing the term — “sitting disease” that researchers are calling it,” said Megan Weizel, who manages the wellness program for Dairy Queen.

A call from LifeSpan prompted Weizel to take a closer look at not just the product, but also how to convince more employees to take steps to improve their fitness.

“The one thing that I hear in that skepticism piece is that people say ‘I have no time to go down there and use the treadmills,'” Weizel said.

Peters, who is also part of the wellness committee, found the treadmills do what they advertise, let you work, and squeeze in a workout.

“You can really accomplish a lot of work at the same time as walking,” said Peters. “And it really helps you get through those more tedious tasks.”

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