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EDMOND, Okla. — Wildlife officials are trying to determine why dead fish are washing up on shore at Arcadia Lake.

Campers and fishers contacted officials after they noticed some fish “belly up” in the water Wednesday.

“When the fish kind of just start popping up like that, it’s kind of scary,” fisherman David Cox said.

A biologist was at the lake taking water samples that will now be sent to a lab.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation said the dead fish all appear to be white bass.

The fish were found near the south side of the lake.

“Fish kills are not that uncommon but usually they might take place later in the year when it is hot and dry and there is a problem with oxygenation in the water and that’s usually a typical cause,” Michael Bergin said, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

It is still unclear what may have killed the fish.

Officials expect the results from the lab later this week.