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OKLAHOMA CITY – Rhetta Gregory wanted to do something to fight off the aging in her neck.

“I’m just hoping to get a smoother look to my neck,” she said. “Just these bands here, to just make them look more smoother.”

Often, people take care of their faces but their neck gives away their true age.

People have used Botox to erase the lines on their face.

Now the word is out that it can be used to erase some signs of aging in the neck as well.

Kristy Murrow from Mariposa MedSpa said, “The platisma muscle can separate. It’s just a superficial muscle but it can get these bands. There’s also some use for the horizontal lines. We call them necklace lines.”

A few injections can relax the bands or the necklace lines.

The effect can be a much smoother neck.

Murrow does warn there can be side effects, especially if the injections are being done by someone not skilled in neck Botox.

It is a more complex treatment.

“You can get potential side effects to the voice, to swallowing, to things like that if it’s not done correctly,” she said.

Murrow said it also doesn’t work for all neck problems.

“It’s not good for a lot of skin elasticity.  It’s not good for textural improvements like that.  There are a lot of other great treatments for things like that.”