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It’s a depression helmet. That’s right.

Researchers said they have developed a piece of electromagnetic headgear that will treat depression.

Patients report the new treatment to be somewhat mind-blowing.

A professor at Copenhagen University developed an electromagnetic helmet that the chief of psychiatry at a Danish medical center said works for over half of the patients who have used it.

Annemette Oevlisen, who’s an art director, said her depression incapacitated her.

The medication she took for her depression stopped working, so she was happy to try the electromagnetic helmet.

The helmet sends pulses to the brain and researchers say the pulses restore the brain’s natural electromagnetic fields.

The cells communicate with each other in a normal way and depression goes away.

Annemette is one of the 65 patients in the study.

Her life has completely turned around she says.

She said she has her life back.

A supervising psychiatrist says the results are groundbreaking.