Pharmaceutical company developing medicine to reduce need for insulin injections

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EIN KAREM, Israel (NBC) – An Israeli pharmaceutical company is developing what could be the key to getting rid of daily insulin injections for diabetics.

They are hoping to create the world’s first insulin pill.

If clinical trials prove successful, the company believes the tablet will transform the lives of diabetics and radically reduce the cost of providing treatment.

The pill would not completely eliminate the need for injections.

For type 2 diabetics, it could delay the shift to needles by many years.

Half a dozen volunteers are taking part in trials at a hospital in northern Israel.

They are given the pills and their blood samples are then taken every 15 minutes to monitor the drug’s effect on their sugar levels.

One volunteer says he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 12 years ago and has since been relying on a regimen of injections.

Yaniv Cohen said, “I take three or four shots a day and with this product, you just need to swallow a pill and it takes your blood sugar down. I think one of the reasons I came here, I wanted to try it, instead of taking the shots.”

The company needs to conduct more trials before the drug is licensed for sale so the capsule is still years away from commercialization.

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