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OKLAHOMA CITY – Robotic technology is entering the dental sphere.

A high-tech device is the first of its kind in the state of Oklahoma, and Elizabeth Bolen is the first patient to use it.

“I’m excited,” Elizabeth Bolen said.

Yomi, the company behind this robotic dentist of sorts, received FDA clearance only a few years ago.

Only a few dozen devices are being used around the country, and Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma has one of them.

“If there [was] really a patient here, we could put it into what we call guided mode then we would guide the robot into the exact correct angulation, position, and depth,” Dr. Jeremy Goodson said.

Doctors first take a 3D model, or CT scan, of the patient’s teeth and then upload it to the robotic software.

“We can then use some virtual surgical treatment planning program to actually place three-dimensionally the dental implant into the exact location we would like for it to be in the patient,” Dr. Robert Bryan said.

A surgeon is always in control of the robot, but it allows doctors to get a full 3D view of the patient’s mouth.

Organizers say it is making procedures more precise, efficient and minimally invasive.

“Just looking at the benefits of a robotic machine was amazing. I didn’t even second guess it,” Bolen said.

“With many years of training, we believe we’re really great at doing that. What the robot has demonstrated to us is we can actually get a little bit better,” Dr. Bryan said.

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