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OKLAHOMA CITY – The congregation at Real Church has every reason to give praise.

Members here claim they are experiencing miraculous healing.

Pastor Tommy Haines said, “I think God has always had the answers to healing. I think we just tend to look past Him instead of looking at Him.”

From arthritis to meningitis, depression to dementia, these folks are touting the benefits of “God’s miracle medicine.”

Karen Hopkins said, “Frankincense is good from head to toe and everything in between.”

Her husand Max added, “You start talking about the essential oils and people say, ‘Who’s the doctor who prescribed it?’ You open the Bible and say it’s here starting with Moses.”

Frankincense was one of the gifts presented to the newborn Jesus Christ by the wise men.

It was once worth its weight in gold and long considered a biblical cure-all.

Haines said, “Is it odd to me that God would use something that’s been around for thousands of years to bring healing to people? Absolutely not.”

Haines’ wife Julie told us, “We’ve done a lot of research. I love to research. Before I put anything in my kids I research medicines and essential oils.”

It may sound far-fetched but now scientists are writing a new chapter in the history of frankincense.

Researchers at OU Medical Center have observed that there is something in this milky sap from the Boswellia tree which stops the spread of cancer cells.

Dr. H.K. Lynn is collaborating with a partner in Oman.

They’ve tested frankincense on dozens of terminally ill cancer patients with remarkable results.

“They say it gives them hope,” Dr. Lynn said. “That’s important because a lot of patients at that stage of cancer don’t have hope.”

Dr. Lynn warns, don’t blindly race to the web and buy frankincense; there are too many grades of resin and too many unknowns.

But Pastor Haines and his Real Church family have seen plenty of proof; they believe.

“God’s natural remedies really do work,” Pastor Haines said. “We don’t understand it all but we are amazed by the things that happen.”

Once thought to be the sweat of the gods, frankincense may again hold the medical key to curing our aging and ailing population.