Third of Americans missing out on vitamin, detrimental to health

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You can find it in oily fish, fortified milk and even egg yolks but experts say one out of every three Americans are not getting enough Vitamin D.

When you’re low on Vitamin D, there are no warning signs.

Dr. Sharon Bergquist, from the Emory School of Medicine, said, “Most other vitamins and minerals we can get through diet. Vitamin D is the exception.”

Doctors recommend people under the age of 70-years-old get 600 international units a day.

One of the best sources is sunlight but experts warn that can have dangerous effects.

Dr. Bergquist said, “Right now, the general recommendation is not to go out in sunlight and use that as your primary source of Vitamin D, largely because of the risk of skin cancer.”

When Vitamin D levels get too low, it can weaken our bones and may increase the risk for other conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, dementia  and higher risks of cancer.

Other studies suggest that Vitamin D may also play a role in the risk of developing multiple sclerosis, type 2 diabetes and catching a cold or the flu.

However, taking too high of a dose is also harmful.

Experts say you can find out your vitamin level with a simple blood test.

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