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LINCOLN COUNTY, Okla. – The secrets that were being kept at the peaceful and serene Lincoln County property are just heartbreaking.

A 15-year-old boy who a neighbor says he thought was just 8, was allegedly forced to live in a barn on the property.

He weighed just 80 pounds, was surviving on grass and twigs and had a head wound and broken bones that had not been medically treated.

The boy’s only form of entertainment inside the barn was one book.

It’s no wonder he’s told DHS workers he’d like a handheld gaming system.

“Our staff in Lincoln County have been trying to pool their funds to buy him a gaming system,” said Sheree Powell with DHS.

Powell says they’ve been flooded with calls from people wanting to help the boy.

“This story has obviously struck a chord with people, his story and his need and people want to reach out and help and we certainly appreciate that,” said Powell.

Powell says it’s not uncommon for their employees to use their own money on things like this for kids taken out of their homes.

“Our employees care about these kids very much and obviously they’re going to try to treat them like their own,” said Powell.

Powell also says the boy likes Legos and race cars.

And she says if they get too many donations for him or things that he can’t use, they’ll make sure they get to another foster kid.

“There are lots of kids in the system who may not have as dramatic of a story as he does. But they do need toys and other items and we’ll make sure they get to the kids who need them,” said Powell.

DHS officials are not releasing much information about the teen for his own privacy and safety.

“But we can say that he’s doing well. He’s getting the medical care he needs. He does have a long road to recovery but he is doing well,” said Powell.

The boy’s father, stepmother and two stepbrothers who lived in the home on the property were all arrested.

His stepmom, Amy Jones and one of his stepbrothers, Johnathan Plank have both bonded out.

His dad, Jimmy Jones and his other stepbrother, Tyler Adkins, remain in jail.

Any donations for the boy can be sent directly to the Lincoln County DHS office, located at 2020 E. First St., Chandler, OK 74834.

All things should be addressed with “Attn: Shaunna Norton.”