AUSTIN (KXAN) — So you’ve done your due diligence: left your cabinets open, dripped your pipes and taken care of any outside faucets. What now?

When the winter storm comes to an end, some will likely find their pipes frozen.

Austin Water says you’ll know if that’s you if you go to turn on a faucet and don’t get water, or it comes out at a trickle.

Here’s what Austin Water recommends you do next:

  • Test all faucets to find the source of the freeze 
    • Test all the faucets in your home and note which ones are not working. If the entire house is having the issue, the frozen pipe is likely the main water pipe. If faucets don’t work on a single floor or in a specific room, you can single out the frozen pipe or pipes.
  • Find the frozen part of the pipe 
    • After you identify a source, look for signs of freezing like bulges, frost, or ice. If you don’t find any, take note of the temperature of the pipe and where it’s coldest, they recommend.
  • Don’t rush the thaw 
    • Even the faintest trickle of water will help thaw a frozen pipe so if any of your faucets work, flip on the cold water and let it run. They also recommend keeping cabinets open and using warm wet towels to wrap around the affected pipes.
    • Never thaw a pipe using an open flame and don’t use electrical appliances if there is standing water.
  • If that doesn’t work, call a plumber

To find more cold weather pipe tips from Austin Water, check out their website.