NEW CARLISLE, Ohio (KFOR/Storyful) – Video captured the moment a school bus driver, who had just stopped to drop off a student, noticed that a passing vehicle was not stopping. She yelled at the student and grabbed his backpack to keep him from descending, just as the car approached.

The Tecumseh school district in New Carlisle, Ohio praised driver April Wise for being so alert, posting on Facebook, “Today our HERO drove a big yellow school bus.”

A woman named Amy Mendenhall commented on the post, “This woman is OUR FAMILY HERO tonight as this was my nephew. Thank you for being so aware and protecting these children. We truly appreciate and are grateful for you.”

Wise was congratulated by State Rep. Bernard Willis and Clark County Commissioner Lowell McGlothin, among many others, for her immediate response.

Transportation authorities plan to use the video when training future drivers.