BUFFALO, New York (KFOR/Storyful) – Video shows the heart-stopping moment that a man armed with an AR-15 burst into a methadone clinic and fired at a wall. With nowhere to hide, the security guard lunged toward the gunman, and now his actions are being called “heroic.”

Security video from the substance abuse treatment center in Buffalo, New York shows guard Reynaldo Beckford fighting with the gunman, when two civilians and another security guard noticed the commotion spilling out onto the sidewalk, and jumped in to help.

“I would be lying if I said to you I wasn’t scared for my life,” Beckford told local media. “And the first thing that flashed through my mind was my baby, who just turned three years old.”

The men piled on top of the gunman before a civilian is seen ripping away the AR-15 from the suspect’s grasp.

Police thanked the four men “for heroic actions that helped prevent any injuries.”

The suspect, 48-year-old Jeremy Griffin, was arrested and faces numerous charges.