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MONTEREY, Tenn. – Grieving family members say they believe that their parents murder-suicide could have been prevented.

In the early morning hours of Oct. 25, Angie Harville dialed 911.

Her husband, Danny Harville, had just been released from a mental hospital and was beating on the door.

“My husband, soon to be ex-husband, he’s beating on the door, beating holes in the walls. I need an officer over here to make him leave, please,” Angie Harville told dispatchers. “He is trying to beat the door in real quick. He tried to commit suicide a couple weeks ago. He was in a mental institute.”

At that point, Danny Harville left the home.

However, WSMV says he stole Angie’s phone, slashed her tires and cut her brake lines.

When officers arrived, WSMV says they looked around and left.

Three hours later, Angie calls 911 again.

Dispatcher: “Earlier tonight when you spoke to an officer, did you make a domestic violence report?”

Angie Harville: “They wouldn’t let me…. He’s going to get away again.”

Dispatcher: “What did they tell you?”

Angie Harville: “They told me he lives here… and there are holes in all of my walls and he is going to kill me!”

Officers say they tried to get Angie and her children to leave the home and come with them to a shelter, but she refused.

“She stated she was afraid that Mr. Harville would burn down the house,” Officer Jennifer Write wrote in her report. “I explained to her that those were just material things, but her life and her children’s lives were more important.”

A short time later, authorities found Danny Harville at a convenience store. They took Angie’s cell phone from him, but did not take him into custody.

A third 911 call came from the home, but it was from one of the couple’s sons, who was locked in his bedroom with his 6-year-old brother.

Brandon: “My parents have been fighting for a few days and I think I just heard a gunshot upstairs.”

Dispatcher: “Do you want to go up there?”

Brandon: “No, I don’t.”

Chief Bill Randolph, with the Monterey Police Department, says Angie Harville would not help herself, which limited what his officers could do.

Authorities say they will release all footage from the home to tell the full story.