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EDMOND, Okla — Amidst all the 4th of July fireworks, a burglary alarm is not unusual.

“We have a lot of alarms going off and called homes and business alarms. They go off naturally on 4th of July night. Did that play into it? Very possibly,” Edmond police spokesperson, Jenny Wagnon, said.

However, this burglary is reminiscent of a mission impossible script. The suspect shattered a lower window and shimmied inside the AT&T store.

Once inside, the intruder climbed through the ceiling tile and into the store vault. It was filled with a freshly delivered treasure trove of smart phones.

“It sounds to me like an inside job. If you’re in the building enough times, you can scope it out and figure out how the layout works I guess,” said Jon Picotte, a neighboring business owner.

Nothing was taken at his sandwich shop but the burglar did get away with eight Samsung Galaxy 7’s, eight Edges and 64 iPhone 6 and 6 Pluses worth $65,120.

They will be hard to unload because each phone has “digital DNA,” according to Wagnon.

“Just like there are ways to track everything through technology, there are ways to track these phones. There are a lot of systems in place beyond the scenes when you activate this phone. That can alert AT&T and they will alert us,” she said.

Police are investigating the “inside job” theory but so far, it has yielded no leads.

Detectives hope someone may have seen something. But so far, it seems most eyes were focused on the fireworks.