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OKLAHOMA CITY — A head-on collision along I-35 left one man dead.

The suspect tried to elude police by speeding the wrong way down the highway.

Driving up the exit ramp of I-35 and S.E. 15th St., suspect Ryan Whitworth slammed into a semi truck.

Before the deadly collision, police pulled the suspect over along I-40, but Whitworth immediately sped away and drove into oncoming traffic.

That forced police to immediately rule out a pursuit.

“Our officer never gave chase at all. He did put info out on the radio, but it was just seconds later the driver collided with the semi,” said Oklahoma City police Capt. Paco Balderrama.

Police policy specifically prevents officers from chasing suspects the wrong way on the highway.

“You know in a case like this it’s not worth the risk,” said Balderrama. “Since we had his identity, it doesn’t make sense to chase him. So I commend the officers for using restrain and doing what the policy says.”

The suspect had allegedly been driving with a stolen tag.

He also had been the focus of an ongoing investigation involving 60 recent burglaries.

The suspect also had multiple warrants for his arrest.

The driver of the semi escaped without major injury.

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