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OKLAHOMA CITY – “My mother had just passed away and we had went as a brothers, father trip to get out of town. Had never done thanksgiving without mom,” said Matt Echols.

A great thanksgiving trip to Mexico soured when Echols and his family got back to their southwest Oklahoma City home.

“Walked into the house expecting warmth and it was cold, so you immediately knew something was wrong,” said Echols.

Echols immediately went to his home surveillance video and could see three people kicking in the back door and stealing from them.

That back door had stood open for two days.

“Wildly disturbing to witness somebody break into your house and take your things,” said Echols.

The suspects are only inside the house for about thirty seconds.

Then Echols says it seems they get spooked that the alarm will go off and hurry out the door.

But just ten minutes later, they come back.

“They figured out this thing’s not going off. The alarm’s not sounding. And it gave them essentially the courage or moxie to come back and finish what they came for,” said Echols.

Echols is not sure why his home alarm didn’t sound and he suspects the thieves somehow knew they were out of town.

One of his daughters has a social media account.

“I think she posted every day that we were out of town that this is where I’m at and this is the cool, neat things I’m doing,” said Echols.

Echols says the suspects appear to be close to his daughter age of 16.

He says they’re not seasoned criminals, leaving behind TVs and instead taking jewelry and purses.

They also robbed his family of that feeling of security.

“I have four daughters. Two of them who have their own rooms have chosen to sleep in the same room together,” said Echols.

He’s hoping the video surveillance is enough to catch the thieves and ensure they don’t hit anyone else’s home.

Oklahoma City police have posted that home surveillance video on their Facebook page asking for anyone with information to contact them.

They are actively seeking for the three criminals.