Homeland Security amends information into Duggar investigation

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TONTITOWN, Ark. (KNWA) — On Wednesday, November 20, a Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) spokesperson confirmed the agency was in Arkansas for a federal criminal investigation, but it was at a business associated with Josh Duggar and not a residence, as previously told to KNWA.

Duggar family Tontitown, Arkansas home

Agents went to a business at the 14000-block of Wildcat Creek Road, Springdale, Arkansas. “I do not dispute the information you’ve obtained. That is the location that we were. I can’t speak to the status of any ongoing investigation. But, I do not dispute that we were present at that specific address,” said HSI Spokesperson Bryan Cox.

The spokesperson could also confirm, “…ongoing federal criminal investigation, however, given that there are no charges filed, HSI doesn’t discuss the nature of any type of investigation until, if or when, charges are filed. I can’t discuss the reason for our being there.”

KNWA asked HSI if Josh Duggar is part of the investigation.

Josh Duggar_3234797664381914892
Josh Duggar

“I can’t speak to any individual that may be under investigation. So I can confirm that we were at that address. And spoke to individuals at that location. But I can’t discuss any individuals by name.”

KNWA asked if the Springdale visit by HSI at Wholesale Motorcars was a raid or a search.

“I’m not able to speak specifically, but in a general sense, when a federal law enforcement agency is at a location pursuant to an “ongoing federal investigation,” there is a very narrow set of circumstances that would apply, and I would say that our presence is consistent with that. I’m just not able to discuss the exact nature,” according to HSI’s spokesperson.

KNWA contacted the Washington County Collector’s Office and confirmed the address of a business listing, where HSI agents were present, was Wholesale Motorcars, 14969 Wildcat Creek Road, Springdale, Arkansas. As of 2019, this location has Josh Duggar listed as the contact for the business, but he is not listed as the property owner.

According to Washington County Personal Property Records, the address listed for Joshua and Anna Duggar is the same as his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, in Tontitown, Arkansas.

The U.S. District Attorney for Western Arkansas spokesperson said the agency doesn’t have a comment at this time.

Legacy Consulting’s Chad Gallagher, the family’s publicist, provided this statement on behalf of the family:

“Yesterday, we were shocked to read that some news outlets falsely reported that our home was raided by federal agents. We are glad to see that those false reports are now being retracted. As to any investigation being conducted, to our knowledge, no member of our family is a target of any investigation of any kind by any local, state, or federal agency. We appreciate the outpouring of love and support received from our friends and fans.”


Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) confirms to KNWA that agents were present at the Duggar’s Tontitown home last week.

An HSI spokesperson said, “[I do not dispute the information that] HSI was present there [Duggar home] pursuant to an on-going federal criminal investigation.”

The reason for the investigation was not disclosed by HSI and the U.S. District Attorney for Western Arkansas will not comment on the incident when asked by KNWA.

The Duggar family is probably best known for television reality shows titled “19 Kids and Counting,” and “Counting On.”

This is a developing story.

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