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EDMOND, Okla. – Saturday’s storm dropped golf ball sized hail on homes in the Arrowhead Hills neighborhood in Edmond.

Ice even made its way inside.

“It must have just came out of no where as far as I’m concerned,” said homeowner Chris White.

White has only lived in Oklahoma for five years.

He’s now realizing the weather can be unpredictable.

“I should’ve paid more attention I guess,” said White.

His Sunday was spent cleaning up.

“Our entire backyard was just filled with ice balls,” said White.

Tarps covered roofs after some houses saw hail break through ceiling skylights.

Roof contractors were out surveying the area for pock marks and missing shingles.

“It sounded like a massive thunderstorm with people throwing baseballs on the roof,” said White.

Homeowners also saw damage to their cars.

“As fast as it came on, I don’t think I could’ve had time to move it up the driveway real quick,” said White. “The damage was pretty much done right away.”

White said after this introduction to spring, he’s taking note for the future.

“We should’ve done the comprehensive insurance, but you live and you learn,” said White. “Welcome to Oklahoma.”