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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — A ‘horned’ man, who was found guilty of kidnapping , murder and witness intimidation, shocked jurors after learning about their verdict.

Caius Veiovis, 34, has numerous tattoos on his face and neck, and surgical implants on his head to resemble horns on his forehead.

The jury convicted Veiovis of helping two other men kidnap and kill 44-year-old David Glass, 58-year-old Edward Frampton and 47-year-old Robert Chadwell in 2011.

Prosecutors say Glasser was preparing to testify against one of the men, so Veiovis and the others killed him to prevent his testimony.

They also say Chadwell and Frampton were killed to eliminate witnesses.

According to, Veiovis shouted “I will see you in hell; every single f-ing one of you. Remember that. I’ll see you all in hell.”