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OKLAHOMA CITY – Thousands of packages are sent from the new amazon delivery station in Oklahoma City to your doorstep every day.

The 60,000 square foot warehouse opened last month and employs more than 460 people. U.S. Senator James Lankford and Congressman Steve Russell stopped by to check it out.

“For Amazon to be able to look at Oklahoma and want to invest in a large-scale distribution facility here means they’re seeing a lot of orders come here, so that means our economy continues to grow and they think our economy is going to continue to strengthen,” Lankford said.

Amazon’s footprint in Oklahoma City started last year with a sortation facility. Next year, they’ll open a fulfillment center in Oklahoma City and one in Tulsa – a complex process.

“Fulfillment center is our first line, and then we do sortation, and then we go to our delivery centers but we get fed not just from the local fulfillment center. We’ll be fed from all over the United States,” said Deliver Station Manager Paul Munter.

Officials said having the centers in Oklahoma City allows for faster delivery time.

There are also plans for same-day service early next year.

Munter said the biggest benefit to having a facility locally is customer service.

“Amazon has a lot of people who do analysis of what helps us to get the most efficient, and we take feedback from our drivers and put it together to get an efficient route and a positive experience for our customer,” Munter said.

A business founded on delivering books in 1994 is looking a whole lot different in 2018.

The delivery station delivers to a 40-mile radius in the Oklahoma City area.