WASHINGTON (KFOR) – It was a long and frustrating third day as the vote for Speaker of the House still failed to reach the necessary number of votes.

The Speaker’s chair sits empty as divided Republicans in the House of Representatives couldn’t come together to vote for a candidate.

California Republican Kevin McCarthy failed again and again in an excruciating string of ballots.

In fact, McCarthy failed to reach the necessary number of votes for the 11th time on Thursday. That makes this the longest fight to elect a House Speaker in well over 100 years.

As for the Oklahoma delegation, four out of the five delegates consistently voted for Kevin McCarthy. Those delegates included Kevin Hern, Stephanie Bice, Tom Cole and Frank Lucas.

The Oklahoma delegate who did not vote for McCarthy was Josh Brecheen. Brecheen voted for Republican Byron Donalds several times and once for fellow Oklahoman Kevin Hern.

Kevin Hern actually got seven votes total after he was nominated by Lauren Boebert of Colorado.

“I rise to nominate Kevin Hern of Oklahoma for Speaker of the House,” Boebert said on the House floor. “It’s as simple as that, folks. Let’s start getting somewhere with this. Realize the facts, Kevin McCarthy does not have the votes. Let’s elect a Republican who can unify our conference, who is a true leader. I’m casting my vote for Kevin Hern, and I hope you will as well.”

Republicans who are members of the Freedom Caucus are holding out on voting for Kevin McCarthy. As long as the stalemate lasts, the House of Representatives cannot open for the new session.

On Friday, Brecheen changed his vote for McCarthy.

“My vote that was cast today is pending the approval of the agreement that has been negotiated in good faith. After days of intense deliberations, I cast my vote today for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker after he agreed to conservative reforms to how the House of Representatives operates. What we have agreed to is transformative and will allow conservatives to rein in out-of-control spending. As I have said before, I did not come to Washington to preserve the status quo. I came here to reform Congress and fix the reckless spending that has plagued our country. I believe this agreement will help put us on the right track.

Despite earning the support of 14 conservatives who previously opposed McCarthy, he still came up short. I will vote for Mr. McCarthy as long as what we agreed to in negotiations remains in place.” 

Congressman-Elect Josh Brecheen said in a statement