OAHU, Hawaii (KFOR/Storyful) – It’s safe to say that most of us, if confronted by a tiger shark, would swim for our lives – but that’s exactly what you don’t want to do, according to a safety diver in Oahu, Hawaii. Instead, she bravely demonstrates how to fend off a large tiger shark, as one swam directly toward her.

Kayleigh Grant recorded the video at the top of this story of fellow diver Andriana Fragola, as she turned and faced the tiger shark and stayed still in the water, as splashing around and swimming would imitate a shark’s prey. “When we’re dealing with top predators like sharks, you also want to act like a predator,” Grant says in the video.

She continues, “What you’d actually want to do is not splash, turn around and face the animal, and maintain eye contact. With tiger sharks, you can place your hand on top of their head, push down gently and that will redirect them away from you.”

Grant wrote, “They are not the man eating monsters the media portrays & typically want nothing to do with humans. So much so that just pushing on their head is enough to deter.”