MEKONG RIVER, Cambodia (Storyful/KFOR) – A fisherman in Cambodia got quite a shock when his hook revealed a massive, record-breaking stingray on the end of his line. Leaving the megafish in the water, he called rescuers to help release the giant animal safely.

Officials fit the 661-pound female stingray with an acoustic tag so that scientists can track her. “As the stingray passes our network of 36 receivers, we’ll be able to collect data on its migration and behavior for the first time,” Wonders of the Mekong posted on its YouTube Channel.

She was caught on June 13th and released the following day.

Scientists named the giant stingray Boramy, meaning “full moon,” and they say she sets the world record for weight of a freshwater fish. The previous record was held by a 646-pound Mekong giant catfish.

Rescuers with Wonders of the Mekong, along with Cambodian Fisheries Administration, work with local fishermen who catch giant and endangered fish. The Mekong River is critically important, as it is home to the world’s most endangered freshwater megafish, which are only found in Southeast Asia.

Wonders of the Mekong is a USAID-funded project that “aims to improve understanding, appreciation, and capacity to manage a healthy Mekong River for fish, wildlife, and people.”