OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — The goal behind Friday’s warrant clearing event was not only to help people in Oklahoma County who have outstanding warrants they may not know they have, but also help law enforcement.

“If people come through here and they have warrants for court costs or misdemeanors or something like that, we can usually get their warrants cleared and then it avoids them having to go to the Oklahoma County jail in the event they get pulled over by police,” said Emily Grossnicklaus, the Assistant Public Defender in Oklahoma County.

Friday’s event gave people with outstanding warrants a chance to reset.

“We search through the databases and determine whether or not they have active warrants or not. Then if we can, we work on getting those cleared with the court clerk here,” said Grossnicklaus.

Anyone with a traffic, cost or misdemeanor warrant was able to move forward without facing jailtime.

Instead, they can pay the fee, set up a payment plan, or get a new court date.

People News 4 spoke with on Friday said they feel like a weight was lifted off their shoulders.

“They at least dropped the warrant. So now if I get pulled over, I don’t have a warrant, so that’s wonderful. And I can set the payment plan up so that I could start paying on it. And I don’t have to pay it all like one time. Hopefully soon I have my license back,” said Jason McBrayer, who got a warrant cleared.

More than 200 people ended up stopping by today’s warrant clearing event.

If you missed this one, the next warrant clearing day is December 15.

“We need their name and their date of birth and we can search through and see what they have. A lot of people show up and they don’t know whether or not they have warrants. We’re happy to look and see if they do. We’ll try to get them taken care of,” said Grossnicklaus.