MIDDLESEX COUNTY, New Jersey (KFOR/Storyful) – New Jersey has a mysterious pasta dumper on its hands – and the 400 pounds of cooked pasta has many folks scratching their heads.

Nina Jochnowitz was taking a walk through the woods in New Jersey’s Old Bridge Township, when she stumbled across the estimated “300-400 pounds” of cooked spaghetti and elbow pasta.

“It looked like someone filed up a wheelbarrow of pasta and dumped it,” Jochnowitz told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “It was like the song, On top of spagheti, all covered with cheese.'”

Jochnowitz said the Public Works department raced in to clean up the pasta mess within hours, as it was dumped near a creek that flows into the township’s water supply.

She believes trash is often dumped in the area because the township, with a population of 66,000, lacks a bulk waste pickup program.

Though the pasta dumper remains at large, social media is exploding with pasta puns.

According to Storyful, “Jochnowitz said her friend dubbed it ‘Mission Impastable,’ while on the r/NewJersey subreddit, a top commenter joked, ‘We should send the perpetrators to the state penne tentiary.'”

Another commenter chimed in, “I don’t know. If we do that, I’m alfredo what will happen to them.”

Jochnowitz hopes the pasta paraphernalia eventually leads to a bulk garbage pickup program for residents and businesses.