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OKLAHOMA CITY – The Civic Center in Oklahoma City is a lot quieter Monday, after a  black mass Sunday night drew hundreds of protestors to the grounds outside.

A major part of the protestors came from the Catholic Church.

Catholics have been praying for weeks that the black mass would not happen.

“For Catholics, it’s the most grievous offense against God you can commit,” said Francis Slobodnik, who drove in on a bus from Kansas for the event.

“We came down here to show our displeasure in a prayerful, peaceful way, to show our support for God and our faith and to stand up to satan,” said Slobodnik.

Some of the protestors, though, started fighting amongst themselves as different factions of christianity collided.

“The Roman Catholic church is just as satanic as the black mass,” said one protestor.

Civic Center employees took security precautions and allowed ticket holders to come in the side entrance and kept protestors away from the area.

“I respect their right to do what they’re doing so long as they leave us alone, we’ll leave them alone,” said Anthony Leon, who said he was not a satanist, but his band was scheduled to perform at the black mass.

Those who pushed the envelope too much were arrested.

Only people with tickets were allowed inside.

Even a man dressed as satan couldn’t get in without one.

Jessica Holbert and Megan Czapoewski both bought tickets and attended the black mass.

“I just thought it might be interesting. I wanted to see what it was all about. Personally, I’m atheist, but I’m interested,” said Holbert.

“I actually traveled all the way from Louisville, Kentucky to be here. I’m someone who follows the more atheistic form of satanism, so I believe that I’m my own god. To me, this is coming to see another form of it,” said Czapoewski.

One protestor who somehow made it past police tried to get inside the door and shouted Jesus loves you.

“He still loves them and he’ll always love them. I just want them to know that. I wanted to get in there so I could say that to them. I don’t know if they heard me,” said Joan Bell.

Bell stayed outside the doors praying and refused to leave when police asked her to.

She was arrested and the man dressed as satan was led away as well.

In the end, only 42 ticket holders showed up for the black mass, a stark contrast to the hundreds protesting outside.

We reached out to the organizer of the black mass, local satanist Adam Daniels.

He did not do an interview with us on Sunday and did not allow us inside the black mass.