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OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma State Fair is right around the corner which means thousands of Oklahomans will head to State Fair Park for fun, and of course, food!

On Thursday, officials with the Oklahoma State Fair released the new foods hitting the fair lineup this year.

S’more On-A-Stick: Enjoy this delicious campfire favorite on the go, courtesy of A Latte Love.

Amish donuts: Brought to you by a new vendor, Amish Food Truck, Two Guys and a Hobby, these delectable donuts are hot and fresh and cannot be missed.

Angry Puffs: Breathe like a dragon with Angry Bull Sub Zero Desserts in flavors like cotton candy, funnel cake, cheddar, and fruit.

Vegetarian Platter: Satisfy your appetite with this meat-free dish at Chan’s in the Entertainment Plaza! This platter is flavorful and filling!

Caramel Apple Pie: Get one of your favorite fair foods in a pie! Caramel Apple Pie is making its debut with Cutie Pies Concession!

Caramel Popcorn Pie: Caramel Popcorn is a fan favorite at the Oklahoma State Fair! What better way to enjoy it than in pie form! Join Cutie Pies Concession for twists on classic pies!

Chocolate Brownie Pie: Cutie Pies is giving us another twist on a classic dessert! Chocolate Brownie pie will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Pickle Dog: This Pickle On-A-Stick is dipped in batter and deep fried! This is one of several fun twists we will see this year on our Fair favorite Corn Dog, brought by Denmore Delights.

Hot Cheeto Pickle Dog: Denmore Delights has also created the Hot Cheeto Pickle Dog! This creation is a Pickle On-A-Stick, dipped in hot Cheetos and deep-fried to perfection.

Deep-Fried Nutella: Granny’s is pulling out all the stops this year with their deep-fried Nutella. This is a new treat you can’t pass up.

Chili Mac: Try MacTastic’s creamy Mac-N-Cheese piled high with Chili and topped with corn chips.

Mac-N-Cheese On-A-Stick: MacTastic will wow all their customers with their cheesy Mac-N-Cheese On-A-Stick. Take your favorite American comfort food on the go!

Fry Bread Burger: Porky’s is bringing us a tasty half-pound burger with Funnel Cakes for the buns. Don’t miss out on this delectable combination.

Gator Dog: Are you a fan of Corn Dogs? Then try this version – but with alligator. It’s gator On-A-Stick, dipped in batter and deep-fried. Try this new item only at Porky’s.

Lobster Dog: Try this new item on Porky’s menu, Lobster On-A-Stick dipped in batter and deep-fried!

Scallops & Clams: Porky’s is bringing us all our seafood favorites! Be sure to stop by and see just how they serve these crowd favorites like clams and scallops.

Mahi-Mahi Slider: New to the scene, JP’s Food Truck is bringing us an all new Mahi-Mahi burger slider.

Gourmet Tots: JP’s is also bringing an all new Gourmet Tots that are finished with delicious toppings that set them apart from the tots we all grew up with.

Deep-Fried Coke: Deep-fried and Coke? Two of the most popular things at the fair! Find out how this incredible creation tastes at JP’s Food Truck.

Hot Cheeto Corn Dog: Lakeside is bringing us a Corn Dog breaded with a crowd favorite, Hot Cheetos! Don’t miss this Corn Dog turned up a notch?

Mac-N-Cheese Corn Dog: Layne Concessions is debuting it’s all new Corn Dog stuffed with mac-n-cheese and deep-fried to golden brown deliciousness!

Pizza Dawg: Combine your two favorite fair foods and get yourself a Pizza Dawg from the Oklahoma Pork Council!

Jalapeño Bottle Caps: Roadhouse Concessions is bringing us a new spicy favorite, sliced jalapeños,
breaded and deep-fried to create the all new Jalapeño Bottle Caps.

Deep-Fried Minneapple Pie: Joining us for the first time, Minneapple Pie is deep-frying all our favorite pies including their signature Minneapple Pie with a scoop of Ice cream!

Deep-Fried Minne Chocolate Pie: Minneapple Pie is bringing us their flakey chocolate pie with a melting chocolatey inside. Find them in the Entertainment Plaza!

Deep-Fried Minne Pumpkin Pie: Get in the mood for fall with the delicious autumn flavors of the Deep-Fried Minne Pumpkin Pie.

Parmesan Chicken On-A-Stick: Waffle Chix is bringing us crispy and flavorful chicken, piled on a stick for ultimate portability!

Brownie Waffle On-A-Stick: Don’t forget to stop by Waffle Chix for a selection of great desserts as well, including the warm Brownie Waffle On-A-Stick!

Flavorburst Slush: Cool down with the Your Just Desserts Flavorburst slush that will be sure to quench your thirst and beat the heat.

Not only will there be new food to try, but some fan favorites will be returning.

Watermelon Pie: Cutie Pies is bringing back their crowd favorite and award-winning watermelon pie, so if you missed it last year be sure to get your fill of this sweet and light treat this year!

Watermelon Salsa: Get a sweet and savory kick out of Cutie Pies Concession’s watermelon salsa.

Wonder Boy: Diamond Dawgs is at it again this year with their Cap’n Crunch battered corn dog served with honey mustard dipping sauce.

Avocado Fries: Gringos brings back warm and crispy avocado fries to satisfy your fried food craving in a healthier way. Enjoy these delicious avocado slices with sour cream and salsa for dipping!

Deep-Fried Coffee: Need that caffeine fix, but don’t want to miss out on a Fair food opportunity? Then Deep-Fried Coffee is for you! Find it at Gringo’s.

Honey Bun Bacon Cheeseburger: Harvell Concessions is bringing back their Honey Bun BaconCheeseburger – a juicy bacon cheeseburger encased in sweet and sticky Honey Buns.

Gator Bites: Layne Concessions is bringing you flavorful and crunchy gator bites, deep-fried to perfection.

Mac N Cheese Burger: This award-winning burger is cushioned by two deep-fried mac-n-cheese buns and is sure to be a 2019 Fair favorite.

Frosted Flakes Chicken On-A-Stick: You can get tender and juicy chicken dipped in batter and rolled in Frosted Flakes cereal and deep-fried at Netterfield’s Popcorn & Lemonade.

Cheese Curd Taco: O’Neil is putting a twist on the taco! Enjoy melt-in-your-mouth cheese curds atop this beef taco piled high with all your favorite taco fixins’.

PB&J Burger: Not only is this a twist on a hamburger, but it’s also a twist on the PB&J. Porky’s provides a half-pound burger with peanut butter and jalapeños as their PB&J Burger. Enjoy creamy, sweet and spicy goodness all in one food.

Donut Burger: Get a deliciously seasoned beef patty, hugged on both sides by soft and sweet donuts. Not only that, but each bun is topped with your choice of Oreos, Apple Jacks, Fruit Loops, or Double Bacon. You can’t miss this flavor experience at Porky’s.

Waffle wrapped Snow Ice: Back by popular demand, Snow S’more takes this classic cold treat to a new level with their Waffle Wrapped Snow Ice!

Bug Pizza: Do you dare? Experience the nice crunch and added protein of critters on your pizza. Grab a slice topped with scorpions, crickets, or meal worms, at Swain’s Pizza On-A-Stick.

Bacon Cheddar Meatloaf Cupcakes: The Sweet Shop is serving up meatloaf, topped with mashed potato icing and bacon & cheddar sprinkles – all in the shape of a cupcake!

Caveman Turkey Leg: We hope you tackle this item with a team. The Caveman Turkey Leg is giant and wrapped with almost one pound of bacon and slow cooked to perfection. Don’t miss this at The Bacon Habit.

Pork Chop On-A-Stick: Who does pork better than The Pork Council? Do yourself a favor and get a slow-cooked, juicy Pork Chop On-A-Stick.

Campfire Taco: Visit The Urban Taco for this delicious and sweet waffle cone filled with marshmallows, strawberries, chocolate chips and caramel.

Funnel Cake Fries: The Urb Express is bringing back a twist on the classic funnel cake. Enjoy all the goodness of this Fair classic, but in French fry form!

WonderStick: A known crowd-pleaser, this J shaped cone is uniquely fashioned which makes it easier to eat without drips. Also, the cone is gluten-free, thick & crunchy, and doesn’t get soggy as the ice cream melts!

The Oklahoma State Fair will be held from Sept. 12 through Sept. 22 at State Fair Park.