“I am ecstatically happy,” Adorable 89-year-old grandma, 87-year-old groom tie the knot

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MODESTO, Cal. – A couple in California is proving it’s never too late to find love.

The nearly 90-year-old bride and 87-year-old groom tied the knot on February 9 at Janet’s Flowers and Chapel in Modesto.

They didn’t do it alone, though – approximately 65 of their children, grandchildren, friends and family were there for the special day.

“It surprised me. It was really great,” said groom Roy Anderson. “We were only supposed to have close to 15-20 people, but Lord, they came piling in like stove wood.”

Omega Sullivan (Anderson) told KOVR they met in church about a year ago.

“She sat down in front of me and I was right behind her and I heard all she said and looked at her and looked at her and looked at her,” said Anderson.

And the rest – is history.

“I’ve been married seven times,” said Sullivan Anderson. “This is the eighth, but to me, this is my first love.”

For Anderson, this is his fourth marriage.

“And I hope it’s the last one,” he laughed.

“Better be!” joked Sullivan Anderson.

In just two days, with the help of their family and the flower shop, they planned their wedding.

“We used Save Mart for the cake and I have to say they did a fantastic job. It was just fabulous,” said Sullivan Anderson’s daughter, Judy Lucas.

“It’s amazing! I never dreamed it would be like this,” said Anderson.

Sullivan Anderson’s son gave her away, and Lucas was her mother’s bridesmaid.

“I couldn’t see Mom’s face, but I could see his and… I cry just thinking about it… but you could see the love in his face when he said his vows. It was pretty special,” said Lucas.

So, what’s next for the couple?

They say they’d like to enjoy each other’s company and continue to “serve the Lord.”

“I know it’s from God. God brought us together for a reason and I am ecstatically happy,” said Sullivan Anderson.

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